Herding Dog Breeds

Herding dog breeds are very energetic and want to work. They love to round things up and be challenged with activities like playing catch, flyball and agility.

We have two herding dogs at home: an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie. They are very energetic and frequently get so much energy that they will run laps - inside of the house. But they also love to snuggle and are great companions. We might just have picked the two most energetic dog breeds there are.

When choosing a dog breed it is important to select the right breed. Getting the right pet dog is important. If lots of energy doesn’t appeal to you then maybe herding dog breeds are not right for you and you should go back to the types of breeds

Herding dogs include:

This might not be a complete list of all of the herding dogs. That is to be determined by your countries official kennel club. This list is partially referenced from CKC and AKC dog breeds.

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