German Shepherd

One of the most popular German Dog Breeds

The German Shepherd was originally bred to be a farming dog and as such it is considered one of the herding dog breeds. They are very popular as family pets now and are also used in a huge variety of work roles. These working roles include military, police, security, guide dogs, search & rescue, sniffer dogs, and as therapy dogs.

German shepherds are an attractive breed of dog with thick coats, triangular upright ears and thick bushy tails. They are very large: standing 22-26 inches (56 – 64cm) tall and weighing 70 – 110 pounds and up. Despite their size and strength they are also very agile dogs.

With their diverse mix of roles it is obvious that they can be very loyal and obedient. It does take some work as puppies to achieve the right level of obedience for their role. Socialization is especially important as well (this means introducing the puppy to other dogs as well as people) or else the Shepherd may take a more aggressive role in defending its “den” (aka the home or property where it lives) when meeting new people.

Because of their size, energy and protective attitude they need firm training and socialization as puppies. Their confident and strong attitude can be a real asset once they are trained. A Shepherd needs regular exercise to properly channel its energy. Without socialization, training and exercise a Shepherd may be aggressive or destructive. You can say the same about many dogs – but when they weigh 100 pounds it is especially a concern. Once they are trained they will be a loyal and loving companion and will live 10-12 years if properly cared for.

The GermanShepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds

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