Pet Adoption

The Pet adoption section will help you find a pet that is right for you. There are a lot of different ways to adopt a pet. Give it plenty of thought before taking the plunge. All too often I see people get a pet on a whim, and then realize may weeks or months later that it is not right for them.

You can adopt a pet from a variety of places including your local animal shelter, a rescue agency, from a pet owner looking to give away their pet (this is how I got my Border Collie), from a pet store or from a breeder. I always encourage people to consider using a rescue service or visiting their local pound. These animals deserve loving care and want to give it back. Many have already been in a home but have been abandoned through no fault of their own. There is nothing wrong with buying from a pet store or breeder but this is a more costly route and there are usually plenty of great pets at “the pound”.

This is just on of many great Reasons To Adopt A Pet

What to consider when adopting a pet

How much time do you have each day? Some pets need a half hour of day of care – others need several hours per day. Be sure to give this some realistic thought. Take my pets for example:

My Border Collie came from a family that didn’t have time for him. He needs attention for a minimum of a couple hours a day or else he gets bored and into mischief. He also needs consistent training. He’s two years old by the way! If you can’t see yourself consistently spending 2-3 hours per day with your pet then many breeds of dogs are not right for you.

On the other end of the scale is my Beta fish. A Beta needs water, a tank, and food once a day. The water needs to be change occasionally. And the tank needs to be in an area where it won’t be too hot, or too cold. The Beta needs an average of a minute a day attention.

Please give your ability to spend time with your pet serious thought. There is exercise time, play time, training time and grooming time required for all pets (except a beta of course!)

How much travelling do you do?
If you are constantly on vacation it can be an ordeal finding care for some pets. Pet cats, hamsters and some fish can be left at home alone for a couple days. Dogs need attention 2-4 times per day. So give some thought to how much travel you do for work or pleasure before deciding on a pet. It can be hard to find good and affordable care for pets.

How long the pet will live?
This may seem a bit morbid, but it is worth considering. Some animals live just a year or two, others live long enough to be passed on for generations. What happens if you get a pet that isn’t right for you and it has a 25 year lifespan? Yes, you can “get rid of it”, but I’d rather see you avoid this situation. Your pet will love you and deserves a good home for its whole life.

The Cost And Affordability of Pet Adoption and Beyond
Dogs and Cats should be spayed or neutered* and need vaccinations. There are also bowls, dishes, collars, leashes, bedding, and furniture to consider. Other types of pets will require cages as well. Beyond these initial costs there is the cost of food and care (grooming, veterinary etc). A hundred pound dog is obviously going to cost more to feed than a cat.

Oh, and please plan to buy your pet quality food. Nutrition is important to your pet. The cheap stuff sold in the grocery store is cheap for a reason – it usually isn’t great quality.

{*Please Spay and Neuter your pets!}

Gaining an understanding of how your pet is likely to behave is very important. Please take your time to read about the type of pet you are considering to see if you can handle its behavior. If you rescue or adopt a pet that is a little older it may take quite a bit of time and effort to overcome some negative behaviors that it has picked up.

Your household
Is your home suitable for the type of pet you are considering? For example - you shouldn’t get a working or herding dog if you live in a small space.

Is everyone in the home on board with the pet adoption decision? This is important

Check with your landlord if you rent your home and get their approval in writing before bringing the pet home.

Final Thoughts on Pet Adoption

Please don’t give a pet as a gift for any occasions. A pet will become part of the family and needs to be considered carefully.

Also, if you want a pet because you saw it in a movie, make sure you have a cooling off period before adopting it. For example, after the movie sled dogs, many people wanted a sled dog. These working dogs are big and require a lot of work. Dalmatians became very popular after 101 Dalmatians (unfortunately Dalmatians are not right for many families!). Bunnies at Easter, Rats after Ratatouille, I could go on and on about bad pet adoption ideas … do you get the idea?

Pet adoption is a wonderful idea. You will be greatly rewarded if you take your time and get the right pet for you

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