Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog Breed, also known as the Queensland Heeler, is one most intelligent and energetic dogs. They are too energetic for many potential pet owners so please think twice before you adopt this adorable breed.

Personality and Attitude

If you get a Queensland Heeler you can expect a great protector that is very loyal to the person it spends the most time with. Make sure that you train it not to nip and give it sturdy toys to play with.

This breed is a great choice if you want to participate in agility or flyball.

This is a very energetic and loyal breed of dog. They are intelligent and love to work. They can be difficult to train because they have short attention spans and do not like repetitive training.

Without lots of exercise and mental stimulation they will find ways to amuse themselves around your house (you do not bored dogs to amuse themselves, the results can be destructive). This is not a couch potato breed.

They excel as Herding Dogs and specialize in working with cattle. They are good as family pets as well but you do have to keep their working temperament in mind to make sure that matches your lifestyle.

Size and Appearance

This is a shorthaired breed of dog with a dense coat that is usually red or blue in color. The color is not a solid color but mixed with white, grey or black hairs. They generally have a mask over one or both eyes with a stripe of white between their eyes. Their tail is long and thin

This is a muscular, medium sized breed standing 17 to 20 inches (43-51cm) and weighing 35 to 50 pounds (16 to 23 kg)

Where to get this breed

Due to its energetic nature many end up in animal shelters and at rescues. I suggest you start there. Breeders are also a good option

With good nutrition, plenty of exercise and regular veterinary care you can expect this breed to live 12 years and up

The Australian Cattle Dog is among the Most Popular Dog Breeds

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