Why Adopt a Pet

Why Adopt a Pet? Well, pet adoption has numerous benefits. If you adopt a pet it could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.


Having a pet in your life is a wonderful experience. As I type this page I have one of my dogs lying at my feet. When I woke up this morning my dogs showed how happy they were to see me get up. Dogs and cats are wonderful for companionship. Other pets can be too.

In my experience a dog or cat will always be there to show how happy they are to see you. They will greet you when you get home from work. Or if you stay at home they will keep you company while you work around the house or while you watch television.

If you are active some pets will love to come out with you for walks, jogs or drives.

No matter what your lifestyle, a pet will offer great companionship.


Your health will benefit by owning a pet. Research shows that petting an animal lowers blood pressure. There really is something special about cuddling with a furry friend.

Not only that, but a pet will keep you more active. Whether it is walking a dog, entertaining a cat, or chasing a bunny, you will be more active when you have a pet. We all know that being more active leads to better health.

Save a Life

If you adopt a pet from a shelter or from an animal rescue you will certainly have saved a life. What a fantastic thing to do!


Pet dogs obviously add security as they will let you know when someone is on your property (or passing by). And they will let people at the door know that this house has a security system of sorts.

There are also numerous stories about dogs, cats, birds and other pets waking up their owners when a fire is starting in the home.

Security should not be the key reason to adopt any animal, but it is a nice benefit.


When you save the life of a pet it will repay that with undivided love. If you treat your pet well it will never judge you and will always be there for you.

A word of caution: Take your time and find the right pet for you. If you don’t get the right pet you might find that pet ownership is a difficult chore. And that’s not what it is supposed to be. If you adopt the right pet for you it will be one of the best experiences of your life.

After reading this "why adopt a pet" page I hope you will take your time considering which pet is best for you

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