What is a Backyard Breeder?

A backyard breeder is the term used for dog breeders that decide to breed their dog even though they have little or no experience and knowledge about dog breeding.

They may have purchased or adopted a purebred dog and then decided to breed it. The usual motivation is money. Another reason is a feeling that their dog will not have a complete life unless it has puppies. They feel their great dog needs to procreate and they deserve to make a quick profit.

What Are The Problems With Backyard Breeders?

These dog breeders are not as well versed on breeding and on the breed as a reputable dog breeder. Their dogs are often breed too much and without regard to the ancestry of the dogs being bred. The breeder may not know the full health history of the ancestors and bad characteristics may be passed on.

If you buy from a breeder and do not have a chance to meet the pups parents beware! And if you do not get “papers” proving that the dog is purebred you should also be wary. This is a sure sign that corners are being cut

They may sell all of the puppies that are bred but the lack of screening and advice for new owners may lead to selling a dog to the wrong owners. The screening is often just your ability to pay for the dog! If you are not asked a lot of questions about your ability to care for the dog that is a good sign that the breeder just wants to make a sale

A good way to determine if a breeder is a backyard breeder (not reputable) is to ask for references and to check with other local breeders about this breeder. You can also call the local humane society to see if they recommend the breeder. And a call to the kennel club is a great place to check.

If you buy from a breeder that is not qualified your dog may have health issues, a bad temperament and there will be no guarantee to back them up.

Make sure that you visit the property of any breeder you buy from. A good breeder will not own too many dogs and the dogs they do have will be social and well trained. Overcrowding, untidy conditions or shy dogs are all bad signs. Dogs left out doors is also a bad sign.

It can be difficult to determine if a breeder is reputable or not, so take your time to ensure that you get a good dog from a good breeder.

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