The Belgian Shepherd Dog Breed

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Breed comes in three varieties:

  • The Belgian Sheepdog
  • The Belgian Malinois
  • The Belgian Tervuren

I will write in general terms about the breed instead of getting into each of the three variations. I am not an expert on this breed and have met very few of them!

Size and Appearance

Each of these breeds stand 22-26 inches (56-66cm) and weigh 50-75 pounds. So they are a medium size breed. The Malinois is on the larger end and the Tervuren on the smaller end. And females are smaller than males in most cases

They all have athletic bodies and a shaggy appearance to them. They all have upright, pointed ears and almond shaped eyes.

Attitude and Personality

Like all herding dogs they love to work and are quite energetic. They require quite a bit of exercise and mental stimulation. This means they love to go for walks and to play games with you every day. They tend to be quite alert and will watch over the household. They are often quite reserved towards strangers and other pets and can be protective of their territory. For this reason early socialization is important

They love games of chase too much and it should not be encouraged. Otherwise your dog may chase cars or cyclists if they have the opportunity.

This breed can make a wonderful companion and you can expect it to live about 12 years.

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