The Bouvier des Flandres Dog Breed

The Bouvier des Flandres dog breed is originally from France. In the UK they are regarded as working dogs and in the American Kennel Club they are classed as herding dogs. I have put them in with the Herding Dog Breeds because they originally served as cattle and livestock herders. But the reasons that the UK regards them as working dogs are obvious too. I won’t get caught up in it. The biggest concern from the point of view of this site is to see if the breed is right for you!

Size and Appearance

This is a powerfully built medium to large breed of dog. It stands 23-27 inches (59-58 cm) and weighs 70-95 pounds. They have thick, dense bodies, a docked tail, and high set ears. Their coats are medium to long and are thick, shaggy and have a harsh appearance. They range in colour from black to grey to fawn and even “salt and pepper”.

Personality and Attitude

This breed is energetic, but not as much as some other herding and working dogs. And they are much less playful than other herding dogs I have met (although they do appreciate some play). They tend to be reserved towards strangers and have been known to be aggressive towards other animals (this can be reduced with early socialization). With their owners they are easygoing and affectionate. They can have a stubborn streak so it is important to train consistently and start early. The same can be said for socialization so that you can reduce the level of attitude towards visitors and strangers.

This breed can be a bit moody and might not tolerate children. So keep that in mind if you are considering this breed.

They need regular exercise or they might create their own activity. Any dog that creates its own activity will usually make destructive choices. They are a popular breed of dog and you will do just fine with one if you commit to training, socialization and giving it enough exercise.

If you buy or adopt this breed you can expect that it will live 10-12 years.

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