Adopt a Pet You Will Love

Welcome to adopt a pet you will love. I made this site on pet adoption because I am a pet lover and want to help pets get into great homes.

I have always had pets and know what a great experience it is to have a pet. Every day I meet people and their furry friends. I see how much love a pet can give. Unfortunately I have also seen problems with pet ownership. Most often this is because people just don't give enough thought to finding the best pet for them.

All too often I see people buy a pet dog, a pet cat or another pet, only to decide that the pet is not right for them. This happens within a few weeks, months or even a year down the line. Often these pets are sent to an SPCA or Humane Society and are put down. This breaks my heart.

I have worked in the pet industry at pet stores, resorts, and as a dog groomer. I have had a passion for pets for as long as I can remember. I hope that my experiences will help you have the best possible experience with adopting a pet

My goal is to help you find a pet that is right for you. So what is the best pet? That depends entirely on you. You will find useful information on my site to help you adopt a pet you will love ... and keep!

You will find:

  • Dog breed information
  • The best pets for kids
  • Cat information
  • Information on small pets
  • Fun stuff for pet lovers
  • Pet adoption web sites
  • Pet adoption links
  • Pet Rescue
  • And much more ... please tell me what you would like information on here and I will do my best to add it!

Maybe this site will lead you to the conclusion that maybe a pet just isn't right for you right now. That's okay too! Pet ownership is a wonderful experience, but it is not for everyone.

If you find that a pet isn't right for you you can always try a pet rock, or a chia pet, or even some virtual pets. These can be fun diversions!

About Adopt a Pet You Will Love. A website by a pet lover who wants to help you find the best pet for you.
Pet Adoption
Adopt a pet that is right for you by considering your lifestyle and what pet best suits you. Pet adoption is a wonderful experience when done right
Adopt a Pet News
Adopt a Pet News offers updates about the website and pet adoption.
Why Adopt a Pet
Why Adopt a Pet? If you adopt a pet it could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You will have companionship, love and more
How To Adopt A Pet
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Adopt a Pet for Free
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Animal Rescue Shelters
Animal Rescue Shelters can be a great place to adopt a pet. They normally try hard to make sure their pets are matched up with a suitable home. And their pets will get veterinary care
Dog Adoption
Dog Adoption should be a wonderful experience. Your pet dog will become a part of your family so it is important to take your time.
Dog Rescue
Dog Rescue is a great option for adopting a dog. You should consider it as it is affordable and you can find a high quality pet through a rescue group
Dog Rescue Shelters
Dog Rescue Shelters are usually run by volunteers who are very committed to the dogs. They make sure that the dogs are adopted out to suitable homes. And the dogs will have housebreaking and vet
Types of Dog Breeds
Types of Dog Breeds gives an overview of the akc dog breeds and other kennel club dog breed groups. Adopt a pet dog that is right for you.
Most Popular Dog Breeds
The most popular dog breeds - Top 100 Dog Breeds in 2007 as listed by the American Kennel Club
Cat Adoption
Cat Adoption. Do you want to adopt a pet cat or kitten? There are numerous places to find a pet cat. There are animal shelters, cat breeders, free kitten adoptions, cat rescues and of course pet
Cat Breed List
Cat Breed List. The different cat breeds listed on this page are some of the most common breeds of cat. The highlighted breeds can be clicked on for more info
Small Pets
Which small pets are good pets for kids? which of these are best for me? All this and more on the small pet page
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Pet Adoption Interviews
The Pet Adoption Interviews page features online discussions with experts from pet rescues. We value their time and insight into the process of adopting a pet
Reputable Dog Breeders
Reputable Dog Breeders are your best bet if you want to buy a dog. Dogs from good breeders give you more assurance that the dog will be of good health
Backyard Breeder
A Backyard Breeder breeds dogs mainly for profit and without any knowledge or experience with breeding.
Classifieds for Pets
Are you searching the classifieds for pets? Read this page to get some helpful ideas about finding the best pet in the classifieds. Make sure you get a healthy pet and don’t support puppy mills Privacy Page Privacy Page
Adopt A Pet Search
Adopt A Pet Search. Where to look for the right pet for you. There are rescues, shelters, breeders and more to consider when searching for a pet
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Have you ever adopted a pet? Please share your pet adoption story.
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