The Smooth Collie Dog Breed

The Smooth Collie is related to the Rough Collie and they are in the Herding Dog Breed group. The Rough Collie is the more popular of the two breeds. And the key difference between them is in their coats, the smooths coat lies flat where the rough collies is more dense.

This breed was made famous by Queen Victoria who had some in the 1860’s.

Size and Appearance

This is a large breed standing 20 to 24 inches tall (51-61cm) and weighing 45-65 pounds (20-30kg). Their coats lie flat and are often a blue merle but can also be sable and white, and tricolour (i.e. blue, white sable).

They tend to carry their tails low, have large ears that are semi erect with a half fold forward.

Personality and Attitude

The Smooth Collie is one of the most popular dog breeds because it is an intelligent and alert dog with a friendly disposition. They are quite devoted to their owners are not hard to train at all. They are quite active, energetic and playful but also have a gentle, sensitive side to them.

The negative traits that you need to watch for is that they can bark a lot and they may nip at heels. With good training these behaviors can be taken care of.

On average this breed has a lifespan of 8 to 12 years.

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