Puli Dog Breed

The Puli, also known as the Hungarian Puli, is of Hungarian descent. In the UK they are considered a working dog but in the American Kennel Club they are regarded as a herding dog.

Size and Appearance

This breed is a medium size dog standing 15-17 inches (38-42 cm) tall and weighing 22-35 pounds (10-16kg).

It is easily distinguished by its long and corded coat. This coat keeps rain off and protects it from intense cold. Its usual colors are black, rusty black, white and grey. They are considered a non shedding dog breed but their coat requires quite a bit of care. Beneath all their hair they have a muscular build.

They carry their tail high over their back, have medium sized ears that hang in a v-shape, and they have almond shaped eyes that are hard to see beneath all that hair.

Personality and Attitude

This Hungarian breed of dog is a lively and energetic dog. It is quite curious and watchful. Overall it is suspicious of strangers and quite protective of its home and family. It is also a stubborn breed of dog that can be more challenging to train. For these reasons early training and socialization are important.

If you adopt or buy this breed of dog you will be getting an active and lively dog that requires regular exercise and mental stimulation.

With regular exercise and good nutrition they will live 10-15 years

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