Border Collie

The Border Collie Dog Breed is one most intelligent and energetic dogs. They are too energetic for many potential pet owners so please think twice before you adopt this adorable breed.

Personality and Attitude

This is one of the most energetic breeds of dog you will ever meet. They are extremely intelligent, love to play and love to work. They are easily trained and need lots of exercise and play time. Without lots of exercise and metal stimulation they will find ways to amuse themselves around your house (you do not want this breed to amuse itself, the results can be destructive). This is not a couch potato breed.

They excel as Herding Dogs in farmers fields and in sporting events like agility and flyball.

Border Collies love to chase anything that moves. That can include herding sheep, chasing birds or ducks, rounding up kids on the playground, or chasing other dogs around at the dog park. They also enjoy playing catch, fetch and hide and seek.

If you have children this breed is good with them as long as they are raised together. Young children could be knocked over by a rambunctious herding dog like this. Older children will love this breed as a play mate.

Size and Appearance

They have a long haired, double coat. Their bodies are athletic, fairly slim and they have a long tail. They have an attractive face. Their head is fairly wide with half perked ears and friendly oval eyes.

The most common color for a border collie is black and white. But there are many different color combinations. Black and white with tan or red are the next most common color patterns. They

This is a medium sized breed standing 18 to 22inches (46-56cm) and weighing 27 to 45 pounds (12 to 20 kg).

Where to get this breed

Due to its energetic nature many end up in animal shelters and at rescues. I suggest you start there. Breeders are also a good option

With good nutrition, plenty of exercise and regular veterinary care you can expect this breed to live 12 years and up to 20 years!

The Border Collie is among the Most Popular Dog Breeds

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