The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Breed

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the larger of the two types of Corgi’s (the other is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi). It has been around for centuries in Britain and was bred to be a herding dog. They are good at many activities beyond herding and their affectionate nature makes them a great therapy dog.

Size and Appearance

This Corgi is quite a long dog that stands 11-12 inches (27-30cm) tall and weighs 25-38 pounds (11-17kg).

They have a straight coat that is short, slightly harsh and come in numerous colors including all shades of red, sable and brindle; and blue merle or black, and they often have some white flashes. They have large upright ears with rounded tips

Personality and Attitude

The Cardigan Corgi is an intelligent, alert and even tempered dog. They make good watch dogs as they are inclined to bark at strangers. They are friendly with strangers once they know that they are welcome. They are also inclined to nip when startled or irritated so they may not be a great choice for those with young children (or anticipating having children).

Overall this is a fun loving and spirited companion that is a lot of fun to have around. They are easy going, devoted and fairly easy to train.

With good exercise and nutrition you can expect this breed to live 12-14 years.

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