Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is one of my favourite breeds of dogs. I have one with me right now. She is typical of her breed in the fact that she needs lots to do. This is common of most Herding Dogs.

Aussies are actually not from Australia. They were bred in America to work on farms aiding in herding. They also work in search and rescue functions as well as in competitions like flyball and agility. They have these jobs because they are very intelligent, loyal, highly trainable and instinctive herders. They are also reserved when first meeting someone which makes them natural guardians. These traits make them great for an active household.

My Aussie needs a couple hours a day of exercise or she will let me know she’s got too much energy. She’ll do this by barking at me when I am relaxing, running laps inside the house, bringing me a toy to throw, or on occasion she will be destructive. This applies to any dog that doesn’t get enough stimulation. Aussies just need much more (like many herding dogs). When an Aussie has had enough exercise they are eager to snuggle on the couch.

Aussie Shepherds stand 18-23 inches (46-58cm) tall and weigh about 40-70 pounds. They have thick, bold coats that are very soft to touch. They have no tail so their bum wiggles when they are happy.

If you are active and would years of companionship with an agile, fast, alert and friendly dog, then an Aussie Shep might be the right pet for you.

The Australian Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds