Reputable Dog Breeders

Reputable Dog Breeders are your best bet if you want to buy a dog. Dogs from good breeders give you more assurance that the dog will be of good health and the breeder will want to match their dogs with good homes.

So how do you know if a dog breeder is reputable?

Characteristics of Reputable Dog Breeders

Good dog breeders do it for the love of the breed more than for profit. They usually will be heavily involved in the Kennel clubs and will be breeding dogs that have been proven to be of high quality.

They will test all dogs for common diseases before selling them. And they will have a good knowledge of the breeds temperament and genetics. They will also know the ancestry of the dogs that are bred and will allow you to meet the parents.

Breeders willingly take financial risk of losing money and know that breeding is not profitable when all expenses are added up. A breeder that appears to be in it for the money is likely not a breeder that you want to deal with.

A really telling sign of a reputable breeder is one that insists that if you must give up the dog that you will contact them. A good breeder will take back any dog no matter how old it is.

Dog Breeders should carefully evaluate you and ask lots of questions about your home to determine that you are a good match for the breed. They will want to know that you can offer a safe and lifelong home for the pup.

A good breeder will encourage, or insist that you spay or neuter your dog to ensure that the pet population stays in control and to discourage backyard breeders.

If you are considering a breeder you can even ask for references and ask for information on training, socialization, health and housebreaking. A reputable breeder will be able to answer almost all of these questions

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