Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi comes from Pembrokeshire in Wales. They worked as farm dogs and have lots of energy and stamina. Now they are a popular family dog and are among the most popular dog breeds.

Size and Appearance

This is a long dog that is not very tall. They stand 10-12 inches (25-31cm) and weigh 20-26 pounds (10-12 kg).

They are smaller than the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and have a tail that is almost non existent (unlike the Cardigan). They are very easily groomed.

The Pembroke has large erect ears and their eyes are dark. Their medium length coats are soft and come in red, sable, fawn, black & tan, and some have white markings.

Personality and Attitude

The Pembroke was bred to herd cattle and for this reason they love to nip at heels. They are especially fond of nipping the heels of small children who are running around. So this may not be the best breed for youn g kids

This is a highly affectionate and devoted breed that is easily trained. They are very obedient and love to please. Overall they have a moderate energy level and enjoy a good play session.

Pembrokes fit in well with other pets in the household. And they make a good watch dog as they are prone to bark.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is just one of many herding dogs and they live an average of 12 years.

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