Dog Rescue

Dog rescue is a great option for adopting a dog and I hope you will consider it. Getting a dog from a rescue organization will be an extremely rewarding experience.

Dog Rescue

There are many misconceptions about what a dog rescue is, so I hope to help you out with that. There are also misconceptions about why a dog ends up in a rescue group. The leading causes are not what many people think. And maybe you want to know what the dog adoption process is from a rescue organization. I’ll answer that question as well.

What is Dog Rescue?

Rescue groups are dedicated to pet adoption. They take unwanted, abandoned, abused and stray pets in until a good home can be found. Rescue groups are normally started by pet lovers who are alarmed that the local animal shelter euthanizes dogs and cats that have been there too long. Pet lovers just can’t handle that thought and generously step up to take on the unwanted pets.

They take the dogs into their homes and care for them at their own expense. The care provided includes training, socializing, exercising, veterinary care, and feeding. A dog adopted from a rescuer will often be very well trained and suitable for your home. The rescuer will want to make sure that the dog is suitable for you and that your home is suitable for the dog.

Where do Rescued Dogs Come From?

You might be surprised to find out that rescued dogs are often voluntarily given up by their families. One common reason is that a couple adopted the dog as a test or trial of their “parenting” skills. Once the baby comes along they decide it is too much work to have a baby and young dog. I have seen this countless times in my years in the pet industry and it breaks my heart.

Another common reason that a family will give up their pet dog is a drastic change in the owner’s health.

Another frequent reason that I see is that a family adopts a dog that just isn’t right for them. My border collie was given up by a family that had adopted him for his good looks. After a few weeks (or months) they found that a border collie is just too energetic for their lifestyle.

A large share of rescued dogs are strays or come from failed breeding operations. And some come from puppy mills that have been broken up by the Humane Society.

What Kind of Dogs Will You Find at A Rescue?

Most rescued dogs will be adult dogs. You might wonder if getting a puppy is better for you so you can train it personally. More often than not an adult dog will be trained and ready to go thanks to the work of the rescue volunteer.

You will find some purebreds and a lot of mixed breeds at a dog rescue.

How Do You Adopt A Rescued Dog?

There are rescue groups all over the world. You can easily find them right in your own area. If you are interested in adopting a certain breed of dog there is likely a special rescue group just for that breed.

Once you have located a rescue group that is suitable for you there will be an application and screening process. The person running the adoption will have given so much of their love and energy to the dog and will want to make sure that the dog doesn’t end up in a bad situation.

Don’t get worried about the process. If you are a responsible person that can demonstrate that you have the ability to care for the dog you want to adopt you will have no problems. The dog adoption process will include an application, a telephone discussion, a meeting with the dog, and a home visit. All of this is to ensure that you and the dog are a good match.

How Much Does it Cost?

Adoption from a dog rescue is normally a small amount. The rescue groups do this at a loss and for the love of the dog. They will gladly accept a donation to offset costs but that is voluntary

How Do You Know If The Dog Rescue Centre Is Reputable?

There are a lot of great rescues out there but it is important to make sure it is reputable. I have put together some things to look out for here: reputable dog rescue centers

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