Reasons To Adopt A Pet

There are many great reasons to adopt a pet. Are you wondering why you should consider pet adoption over purchasing from a breeder or pet store?

When you adopt a pet you are quite likely to get a pet that has had some training (i.e. housebreaking) and have had much of its required veterinary care like shots as well as the spaying or neutering. And when you adopt a pet you will save money as it is less expensive than purchasing from a breeder or a pet store.

The Top Reasons to Adopt a Pet

  1. Save a life! There are too many animals in shelters and unfortunately the shelters often have no choice but to euthanize some dogs or cats if they are too full. This is just a sad fact of life for employees at shelters.
  2. Reduce Animal Overpopulation A pet from a shelter or rescue will be spayed or neutered which helps to break the cycle of growth in the pet population
  3. Most pets in shelters and rescues have nothing wrong with them Many people assume that because a dog or cat is in a shelter there is something wrong with it like bad health or an undesirable temperament. The truth is that most pets end up in shelters or rescues for reasons that are not their fault.
  4. Save money When you adopt a pet you only have to pay an adoption fee that covers part the costs of the rescue or shelter for medical care. Pet stores can be very expensive and you may not know the background of the pet you buy from a pet store.
  5. Find the Pet For You The volunteers or employees will help you to decide which of the pets available are right for you. A good rescue or shelter will screen you by asking lots of question to make sure you are a good match for the pet you are adopting.
  6. Lots of choice There are many, many pets in your local shelter or at nearby rescue. You will have lots of choice. There is even a good chance to find the exact breed you want if you have decided you want a specific breed.
  7. More Certainty of Temperament and Size When you adopt an older pet you (ie a couple of years old or more) you will have a better idea about its size and behavior
  8. A New Family Member When you adopt a pet you will have a new member in your family who will show great loyalty and will share much love and great memories
  9. Houstraining Most dogs from shelters will already be housetrained. That means you can skip weeks of training and cleaning up messes in the house.
  10. Mixed breeds Mixed breeds are often healthier than purebred pets due to the genetics involved in breeding. Mixed breeds come from a wider gene pool and therefore may be healthier.

I hope these reasons to adopt a pet help you see the great benefits of pet adoption. My best advice is to take your time to make sure that you get the best pet for you and your family. You will be richly rewarded for many years when you bring your new pet home.

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