Portuguese Water Dog Rescue

Portuguese Water Dog RescuePortuguese Water Dog Rescue has become a very popular topic since President Obama and family chose this breed as their dog. Interest in Portuguese Water Dogs has increased substantially as a result and many people are considering adopting this breed from a rescue.

If you want to adopt a pet dog then a rescue is a great place to start for any breed of dog that you might be interested in.

*Photo Courtesy of basykes on Flickr

Of course, you should take your time to learn about this breed to determine if this is the right breed of dog for you. But once you have done that then I highly encourage going to a rescue. Please visit the Portuguese Water Dog page on our site to learn more about this wonderful bread

We have recently sent emails to rescues that are focused on this breed. We have requested an interview with each one and more information about their dog rescues.

For other dog rescue groups, vist our Dog Rescue Shelters page for other breeds of dogs and their rescue groups.

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