The Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog (Portie for short) has gained much fame recently when it was announced that this was the type of dog that President Barack Obama’s family was going to adopt. Part of the reason for this decision is that the dog is regarded as being hypo-allergenic and one of the Obama children suffers from allergies.

But is this the right breed of dog for you?

Porties originated in Portugal where they worked on boats. They are adept at retrieving lost equipment from the sea and they are also able to herd fish into nets. So they have a long history working on fishing boats.

Personality and Attitude

Porties have a wonderful disposition and this keeps them among the most popular dog breeds. They are energetic, affectionate, playful and friendly. They love to be around people and other pets.

As a high energy dog they need to be with active people who spend plenty of time in outdoor activities.

Size and appearance

This breed is easily recognized by its long curly coat. They have an appearance of being a fluffy and happy dog. They are normally black but also come in white or a combination of brown, black and white. Their coats require quite a bit of brushing and regular grooming.

Health and Lifespan

This breed will generally live 12 to 14 years with good veterinary care, nutrition and plenty of exercise.

Their biggest health concern is retinal atrophy and this should be screened for by a veterinarian when the dog is a pup.

Where to Get This Breed?

A Portuguese Water Dog Rescue is a great place to start. A reputable breeder is a good choice as well. I recommend considering adopting from a rescue because you’ll get a dog whose personality is known and that has some training and veterinary care. Or maybe you will find someone who is giving theirs away because they do not have the time or energy to care for it.

Just be sure to take your time to ensure that this is the best breed of dog for you. Do you have the energy? And the time to attend to its grooming

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