Is the Keeshond Dog Breed right for you?

Keeshond Dog BreedThe Keeshond dog breed is related to the German spitzes. Their original name was the Dutch Barge Dog until the 1920's when it was changed to the present name. This is the national breed of dog in Holland.

Photo Courtesy of MarilynJane on Flickr

Temperament and Attitude

Keeshonden are bright, energetic dogs that love to play. They make great agility dogs because they love to run and jump and are eager to please.

They are known to be an excellent breed for families because they are very affectionate. They love children and really want to be around the family as much as possible. This breed is known to be good with other dogs and are friendly with strangers. That said, they prefer the company of their owner.

The Kesshond is a part of the Non Sporting Dog Breed group. In the past they have been used as watch dogs because they are known for having a loud bark that will let you know someone is coming. But their affection level is very high so they are certainly not guard dogs.

Training this breed of dog is not too difficult as long as you are firm (but not forceful), use positive training methods and are consistent in your efforts. But keep in mind, just because this is a very affectionate and a bright breed, it does not make training easy!

This dog breed needs daily exercise, activity and close contact with its owners. Otherwise it will create its own activity. A dog creating its own activity and entertainment out of boredom is a destructive dog. So please consider your ability to spend time with a dog and your ability to give it daily exercise before adopting this breed of dog

Size and Appearance

This a medium-sized dog that stands 17-18 inches (45cm) tall and weighs 35 to 45 pounds (16-18kg). They have a thick, plush, two layer coat that is silver and black. And they have a mane (also called a ruff) around their neck. Their tails are thick and curl up high over the back. Keep in mind that this breed needs regular brushing due to their thick double coat.

The head is wedge shaped with a medium sized muzzle, small pointed ears and almond shaped eyes.

This is one of the most popular breeds of dog