The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the largest of four Swiss mountain dogs. One of the most well known of the four is the Bernese Mountain Dog. All of these breeds are related to mastiffs from Roman times.

This is a Working Dog Breed that has been used as a draft dog and farm dog.

They are very powerful dogs that are great for work or as a family companion

Personality and Temperament

This is a loyal and intelligent breed of dog that is relatively easy to train. They are easy going dogs that enjoy being around their family. Due to their size and strength good training and socialization are important. But they are good with other pets and affectionate towards their family.

This breed is very alert and can be somewhat territorial. It should not be aggressive but it will defend its home and is somewhat reserved with strangers.

Size and Appearance

This is a large breed of dog that stands 23 to 29 inches (60-73 centimeters) and weighs about 120 to 140 pounds.

They have a gentle appearance in their face. Their face features dark brown eyes and ears that are triangular with round tips. Their coats are thick and short and come in tri color (black with rust and white markings). Overall they are easy to groom.

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