Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is often called a “Berner” for short by their owners.

They were bred as a Working Dog Breed and love to be put to work. They seem to be rather adept at pulling carts which is an obvious chore for a working dog of this size

Size and Appearance

This large breed of dog has a very distinctive tri-color pattern with a long coat. Its body, neck, legs, head and ears are all solid black. The sides of its mouth and its legs are tan colored. And the toes, chest, muzzle, tail tip and blaze between the eyes are all white.

Their coats are fairly long and they do shed quite a bit. So people with allergies or those who want an always tidy home might want to think twice about this breed.

They range in size from 23-28 inches and weigh from 65-120 pounds. So they easily fit the bill of a large dog!

Attitude and Personality

Bernese Mountain Dogs are usually quite friendly with people, other dogs, and other pets. They are quite loyal, intelligent and eager to please. So with positive and consistent training they are great dogs. Especially if the “positive and consistent” training involves treats and plenty of praise.

They are known to be very good with children because they are quite stable in attitude and have great patience. I always want parents to keep in mind that children and pets must be supervised together and taught how to behave around each other. Most dog bites involving children are preventable with the right training and supervision.

You should take time to socialize your Berner early on. Introduce it to other dogs, animals and people often so it will not be surprised by new situations and visitors later on. All dogs need socialization and the more you do it earlier on the nicer your dog will be.

Early training is also important, if only because of their large size!

Health and Lifespan

Like all large breeds, hip and elbow dysplasia are a concern. Looking for a dog whose parents have been certified to be free from dysplasia improves the odds that yours will be free of dysplasia. Bernese can also suffer from eye conditions such as cataracts and Retinal Atrophy. They can also suffer from cancer, bloat, allergies, epilepsy and bloat. This is not to say that they are not health dogs. Just like people, dogs can suffer from ailments and it is important to know this before buying or adopting a dog of any kind

With good veterinary care, regular exercise and good nutrition, a Bernese will live at least 7 years and probably 10 years.

Where to Get One?

Why not try a Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue. Failing that then a reputable breeder is your best option.

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