Golden Retriever Rescues

Golden Retriever RescuesThere are many, many Golden Retriever Rescues due to the popularity of this breed. Like many other breeds, Goldens end up in rescues and shelters due to circumstances beyond their control. Some of it can be attributed to the fact that there are simply too many dogs born each year compared to the number of families looking for a pet. And circumstances like lost jobs, divorce, death, and illness force owners to give up their dogs. The odds are good that when you get a golden from a rescue you will be getting a well tempered, healthy dog, that ended up in the shelter simply because of the owners circumstances.

The first step in rescuing a Golden Retriever is determining if it is the best breed for you. You can do this by reading about them, talking to owners of the breed and visiting rescue groups and breeders. You can start your reading at Golden Retriever Dog Breed

The next step is getting in contact with the nearest rescue

We have recently sent emails to several Golden Rescues requesting interviews and more information about the dog rescues. More information will be posted here once we receive responses.

*Photo Courtesy of skycaptaintwo on Flickr

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