Golden Retriever Dog Breed

The Golden Retriever Dog Breed is among the most popular dog breeds. If you have ever met a golden you know they are very gentle, friendly, intelligent and eager to please. They are excellent with children and are considered one of the best dog breeds for families.

Golden Retrievers love to retrieve. They will play fetch with a stick or ball for hours. If water is involved they will be especially happy. This is because they were bred as a hunting dog (also called a sporting dog or gundog) to retrieve waterfowl shot during hunting. They have an extremely soft grip and as such are used as guide dogs and rescue dogs in our more modern time.

Goldens are very loyal. They look forward to retrieving for their owner as a sign of their loyalty and friendship. When their owner gets home they are likely to pick something up to carry to their owner to show that loyalty.

As puppies, the golden retriever dog breed is vey energetic and love to chew everthing (and I mean everything) it can get its teeth on. As they age they are able to focus their energy in a more appropriate manner. In fact, they will sit patiently for hours, waiting for their chance to work.

Another reason why Goldens are among the best breeds of dogs for families is that they are highly trainable. They are great dogs for agility events and for hunters. This is why they are in the sporting dog group.

They are a large dog breed standing 21-24 inches (55-61 cm) and weighing 60-75 pounds (27-43 kg). For this reason it is important that they be properly trained and supervised. They could injure a child accidentally due to their energetic nature.

A golden retriever’s coat is dense (and water repellant) and has a thick undercoat (they shed and are not the best dog for those with some allergies).

Goldens also get along well with other dogs and rarely show any aggressiveness or hostility

All in all the golden retriever breed is a wonderful addition to any active home.

If you are interested in the breed please consider Golden Retriever Rescues

The Golden Retriever Dog Breed is part of the Sporting Dog Group