Alabama Pet Adoption has been researching Alabama Pet Adoption to help anyone from the State of Alabama find a rescue or shelter pet that is right for them.

There are already over 50 links to rescues, shelters and breeders in this research. If you want to know when it is ready make sure to sign up for our e-zine below. If you are from a rescue shelter or are a reputable breeder you can get listed by filling in the form further down the page.

When you decide to adopt a pet in Alabama you will be helping to solve the problem of pet overpopulation. And the odds are great that you will get a healthy, happy pet. Especially if you go to a rescue. This is because most rescues go to great lengths to make sure that the animals in their care are well cared for and in good health before they adopt them out. They also want to make sure that the pets temperament is good and that the pet will be a good match for your household. The last thing any rescue group wants is to adopt a pet that they have cared for only to have it end up back at the rescue or in a shelter.

Adopting a pet from a shelter is also a good idea. Dogs and cats that are in shelters may not have had as high a level of care as those in a rescue. But shelters are generally careful to make sure a dog or cat is in good health as well. is working on an e-book about adopting a pet in the state of Alabama. It already contains over 50 links to rescues and shelters. And it contains advice on finding a great Do you want to know when it is ready? Sign up for our e-zine right here and be the first to know when this e-book is complete.

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