The Wire Fox Terrier Dog Breed

The Wire Fox Terrier Dog Breed was bred in England for the purpose of hunting rodents and for bolting foxes. They are part of the Terrier Dog Breeds group

Size and Appearance

These Fox Terriers are a medium sized breed standing 14 – 17 inches and weighing 15 – 25 pounds

They look like a smaller version of the Airedale Terrier and have wiry coats of a medium length and they do not shed a lot if well groomed. Their heads are long, narrow and feature small, deep set eyes, small v shaped ears that droop forward. Their tails are set high and are carried high.

Their normal color is white with some black and tan.

Personality and Temperament

The Wire Fox Terrier is among the Most Popular Dog Breeds.

This is a higher energy dog that is good with older children and okay with other pets (if socialized early on). They are active and alert dogs that are not afraid to bark.

If this breed is not trained and socialized early on they become very independent and stubborn. With early training they are great dogs that are playful, affectionate and fun to be around. They love to play.

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