Whippet Dog Breed

The whippet dog breed is gentle and calm but full of energy and enjoys being part of the family. They actually are actually very happy as lap dogs. This is due to their short coat and lack of insulation

Due to their short coat they are not well suited for living outdoors as they can not tolerate the cold for very long. For this reason it is hard to train a whippet to stay off of the furniture.

If a whippet gets regular exercise it will not display destructive tendencies. In fact, it will be quite quiet around the house. I recommend that you find a nearby dog park so it can run free and socialize with other dogs a few times per week

Whippets are sight hounds and were bred for speed. As a result, they are able to run quite fast. They are also quite agile and have been known to jump fences as high as 6 feet tall! For this reason it is a good idea to supervise your whippet when it is outside. This speed and agility means they are excellent dogs for flyball and agility competitions.

A whippet is similar to a small greyhound, weighing 25-45 pounds (11-21 kg.) and standing 19-22 inches (47-56 cm.) Whippets are a vey healthy breed and will likely live 12-15 years if they have good food and regular veterinary care.

Like many other puppies, whippets like to chew and should be provided appropriate toys. All in all, whippets are good dog breed for families as they are gentle, loving, are not snappy and enjoy being around children.

The whippet dog breed is one of the most popular dog breeds

The whippet is a part of the hound dog group