Should you Adopt a Welsh Terrier?

The Welsh Terrier a descendant of the Black and Tan Fox Terrier. They were bred in Wales for hunting foxes and badgers.

They are part of the Terrier Dog Breeds group.

Personality and Temperament

This Terrier breed is quite a lively and happy breed. They can be quite stubborn and are difficult to train. Once trained they are good house pets, although they can be a bit adventurous. And they need good socialization as they are not great with other pets (in general) and are reserved with strangers. Of course there are exceptions and good socialization and training can make yours an exception too. Like many other terriers they are independent, curious, fearless, stubborn, and they tend to dig and bark.

All that said, they are an affectionate playful breed that can do well as a family pet. They need a daily walk and active playtime for good health and good temperament.

Size and Appearance

This medium sized breed stands 14 to 16 inches tall and weighs about 20 pounds. Their coats are wiry, medium length and come in a deep tan and black color.

Their coats need frequent grooming. And regular brushing is important.

They have a rectangular shaped head with small v shaped ears that fold down and small eyes. They also have a small beard. Their legs are long and thin with small cat like feet. And their tail is carried upright

Where to get a Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is among the Most Popular Dog Breeds. So you can be sure that there are breeders and rescue groups out there to find them.

I recommend trying a Terrier Rescue group first and a breeder second. You might find a pet store that sells them but there are many reasons to go to a Reputable Dog Breeder or rescue first for any type of dog.

Take your time in evaluating if the breed is right for you and your situation. This breed will live 12-14 years so it is a significant commitment.

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