Weimaraners are a Hunting Dog Breed and are a popular household pet. The Weimaraner Dog Breed originated in Germany and was used for hunting bears and deer. The Weimeraner is still used for hunting, but for smaller animals.

This dog breed has many of the characteristics of a hunting dog. It is an intelligent and atheletic (great speed and stamina) breed. Like most hunting dogs they need a lot of physical exercise and they need mental stimulation. They can be territorial of their home so good socialization is important. If you adopt a weim you need to be prepared for lots of exercising, plenty of training (on an ongoing, consistent basis), and good houseproofing (even after lots of exercise they will still entertain themselves at home!).

Please don’t think that I don’t like Weimaraners! I sure do and have only met great ones. One of my favourite visitors to my pet store is one. You just need to be sure that this is the right pet for you.

Size and Appearance

They stand at 23-27 inches and weigh 55-85 pounds (females are at the lower end of this scale.

They have a very distinctive appearance and have been dubbed the Gray Ghost because of their Gray coat. In North America they are bred with a short coat but other areas do bred longer coats. Their eyes are distinctive as well with an amber or gray colour. Their tails are normally docked.


Weimaraners are a breed that is at a higher risk for bloat. Bloat is a condition where the stomach gets twisted. The symptoms include discomfort, sometimes a bloated stomach and no bowel movements. Immediate attention is required. Spreading out its feedings and avoiding activity immediately after eating are said to help prevent this.

The are also more likely to suffer extreme separation anxiety than many other dogs. Good training including behaviour modification are important early on to prevent this. Another reason for good training early on is that some can show aggression due to their breeding as hunters. Proper socialization and consistent training usually take care of this.

If you have not owned a dog before please be sure that you are ready to expend a lot of energy in the puppy years. This dog is very energetic and needs outlets and training.

Final Thought

If you are interested in this breed try a Weimaraner rescue group first. You could save a life and the rescue group will likely have taken great care of the dog and done some of the training and socialization required.

Weimaraners are just one of many pets that you can adopt. Click here for more articles on Pet Adoption.