Turkish Angora Cat Breed

The Turkish Angora cat Breed is recognized in America but not in Britain. They are known for having the length and shape of an oriental cat while having a firmer build.

They have very large, upright ears that are fairly close together and they have large almond shaped eyes. These large eyes and ears are on a smaller, wedge shaped, head. Their necks are long and thin and their body is of medium size. Their legs are long and their paws are small.

They are single coated with a tail and ruff that has long full hair. They come in many colors and patterns


This is a strong willed breed of cat with excellent hunting skills. They make good pets and playmates. But they do need an owner with a strong will to train them not to get into too much trouble.

They will use their intelligence to figure out how to get into cabinets, drawers, closets and other places where you probably do not mean for them to explore. They will play with virtually any small objects that they find. This can be amusing of course, but it can be hard to find that pen you left out!

All in all they are intelligent, affectionate pet that enjoys playing.

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