Tonkinese Cat

The Tonkinese cat breed (Tonks for short) is a medium sized breed of cat with a muscular frame. They are quite heavy for their size. They have a rounded wedge shaped head that features a rounded muzzle, broad, oval tipped ears, and almond shaped eyes. They eyes are not too large. Their tails are tapered and a proportional length to their body.

Their coats are shorthaired, silky and lie close to the body. They come in solid colors, mink colors and pointed colors.


Tonks were bred to combine the characteristics of the Burmese and the Siamese breeds of cat. So they are calm and adaptable like the Burmese. But watch out! They have a curious and highly energetic side that takes after the Siamese. They are quite active and need plenty of room to run around, climb and play. And they need interaction, playtime and “lap time”.

They are quite talkative and will use that to get (demand) your attention. They will follow you around and climb everything in sight. And they love to play games like hide and seek or with toys.

If you have children they will fit in just fine. Just be sure to teach your children how to handle a cat and how to behave with respect to the cat.

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