Should you Adopt a Tibetan Terrier?

The Tibetan Terrier is a nice dog with a long history. They are said to ahve been bred by monks from Lamaist monastaries thousands of years ago. And they were companions to tribes of nomads working to round up stray animals and acting as companions.

They are part of the Non Sporting Dog Breeds group.

Personality and Temperament

This Tibetan breed is very affectionate and quite lively. They are willing to please and not too difficult to train. Although they can be a little bit stubborn. They are friendly towards other pets but a little reserved towards strangers. Once they are introduced they generally warm up and become more friendly.

This breed is also great for outdoors playtime. They love spending time outdoors playing in the yard or being out on a walk. They need a daily walk and active playtime for good health and good temperament.

Size and Appearance

This medium sized breed stands 15 to 16 inches tall and weighs 18 to 30 pounds. Their coats are long, wavy and come in any color but usually are golden, cream, white, smoke, grey or black. Their heads have a lot of fur on them making their eyes hard to see and they have a little bit of a beard as well. Their paws are large, round and quite furry as well. Their tails are also thick in fur and curl up over their back. Their long coats need frequent grooming. A daily brushing is important.

Where to get a Tibetan

The Tibetan Terrier is among the Most Popular Dog Breeds. So you can be sure that there are breeders and rescue groups out there to find them. I recommend trying a Rescue group first and a breeder second. You might find a pet store that sells them but there are many reasons to go to a Reputable Dog Breeder or rescue first for any type of dog.

Take your time in evaluating if the breed is right for you and your situation. This breed will live 12-15 years so it is a significant commitment.

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