The Sphynx Cat Breed

The Sphynx Cat breed is a (mostly) hairless cat with a muscular build. They are a medium size with very large and upright ears that gives them a bat like appearance.

They have a wedge shaped head that is slightly rounded on top and they have prominent cheekbones. They also have very large eyes that are set wide apart.

Their skin is wrinkly and does have a soft downy cover. This very short, downy hair is on their ears, muzzle, feet and tail. The sphinx comes in any color and pattern and their eyes come in any color as well.


This is a mischievous breed of cat that will do just about anything to get your attention. They love to climb on you while you sit down and will but heads with you to show affection. They love to eat as well. They will eat any food they can get at so do not leave food out that you do not wish for the cat to eat.

They get along extremely well with children and other pets. A second Sphynx is an ideal companion, but watch out, they will get silly together!

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