Somali Cat Breed

The Somali Cat Breed is considered a longhaired version of the Abyssinian. They are a medium size cat that is quite long and has a graceful appearance. They really are quite beautiful.

Their heads are a wedge shape with some roundness. Their large ears are set wide apart at the back of the head. Their green or gold eyes are large and almond shaped. The key difference to an Abyssinian is the medium length, soft, fluffy coat with a ruff around the neck. And they have long, thick tails with a slight taper at the end.

They are normally an orange-brown color with each hair having a black tick (a small band of black on each hair). Their ears and toes are normally a dark tip as well. Other cats of this breed have a deeper red color with chocolate tips. And the other common color pattern is a soft grey-blue with blue ticking.


This is an active, curious and brave breed of cat. They are highly intelligent and work hard to open doors and latches. They love to play with other pets and people. They will adapt to dogs as well. They love interactive games and playing with toys. When they speak they do so with a soft voice and they will sit on your lap and purr for some attention.

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