Singapura Cat Breed

The Singapura Cat Breed is a small but muscular breed. They have rounded wedge shaped heads featuring large eyes and large ears. Their eyes are almond shaped and normally hazel, green, yellow and occasionally a bright blue.

Their bodies are more of a square shape when viewed from the side (as opposed to long rectangular or rounded). They have muscular thighs but smaller paws, a short thick neck and a short tail.

They are a shorthaired breed of cat with hair that lies close to the body. They have a “ticked” coat which means that each hair has bands of color. Usually there are two dark bands separated by a light band. This gives them camouflage. The “background” colour is ivory with darker ticking.


This is a playful breed that craves human attention. They have high energy levels and love to play fetch and other interactive games. They are very intelligent and curious, so you can bet that they will be into everything. Just about anything makes a great toy. Small items left out will disappear or at least be knocked from their original spot.

Despite their curious and playful nature they do not like loud or sudden noises. So this may not be the right breed of cat for some households with children.

This is a fairly rare breed of cat so you are best to start with a breeder if you are interested in this breed of cat.

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