Siberian Cat Breed

The Siberian Cat Breed is also known as the Russian Forest Cat and the Siberian Forest Cat.

This Russian Breed of cat is medium to large in size and have a powerful build. Overall they have a rounded shape.

They have a very thick, triple coat. This can be attributed to the cold winters where they originated. Their medium length, plush coats feature a ruff around the neck and a bushy tail. Their coats come in all colors and patterns. Despite their thick coat they do not need a lot of grooming. They groom themselves quite well.

Another good thing about this breeds coat is that there are numerous reports of allergy sufferers having no problems with this breed. It is recommended that you test that out for yourself by visiting a breeder before you commit to buying the cat. Unfortunately many cats that end up in shelters do so because a well meaning owner realized after bringing it home that they were allergic.

This Siberian Forest cat has a wedge shaped head with some roundness to it. The chin is well rounded. The top of their head is flat and features their medium ears that appear pointed (they are, in fact, rounded, but the fur makes them look tipped).Their eyes are large, round and set wide apart.


This is a very friendly and affectionate breed of cat. They love to be with their owners and love to purr while sitting in your lap. They are quite active and do love to play. They will play with just about anything that can pass as a toy. They are doglike in some respects, they will great you at the door and follow you all around the house. They love to help their owners with chores around the house, reading the newspaper or watching television.

They are a good family pet and get along fine with children, dogs and most other pets. They will take very well to your children and will watch them carefully.

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