Siamese Cat Breed

The Siamese breed of cat is among the most famous breeds of cats. They are distinctly oriental. They are known for their svelte appearance featuring a wedge shaped head and long, thin, pointed tail.

They have delicate legs and a graceful, tubular body. Their necks are long and thin and their oval paws are rather small. The head is long and a medium size with a wedge shape. Their wide set ears are very large and pointed at the tips. And they have slanted, medium, almond eyes.

Their coats are quite short and silky. It lies quite close to the body. They have many different colors including: seal, blue chocolate, lilac, red, tabby, cinnamon, caramel and fawn.


This is a very active and energetic breed of cat that is not suited for all homes. They demand a lot of attention and need plenty of space to play. Have you seen the Disney Classic “Lady and the Tramp”? This breed truly can be a handful. They are very talkative and unafraid to demand attention. They tend to adopt one member of a family and can jealously protect its relationship with that person. If you adopt this breed of cat you need to provide it with and stimulating environment where it can climb and scratch to its hearts content.

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