Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex cat breed is a fairly rare and newer breed of cat.

This Rex breed of cat is rectangular and heavy boned. They have large, round heads with wide muzzles and rounded ears that form a point.

They are a longhaired breed of cat. Their coats are thick and plush (very soft) and come in many colors and patterns. Their coats have soft curls that are most noticeable on their neck, tail and stomach. Their tails are quite thick.


This is a newer breed of cat so their personality is not as well documented as others. Most reports suggest that they are a tolerant and good natured cat that get along fine in most homes. They are known to seek attention when you are home and will enjoy carrying on a quiet conversation with you. If you have children this breed will be fine as long as the kids are taught how to behave around a pet cat.

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