The Scottish Terrier Dog Breed

The Scottish Terrier dog breed is, obviously, from Scotland. The best known of the breed was the (USA Past President) Franklin Roosevelt’s dog. They are also affectionately referred to as the Scotty.

Like many other Terrier Dog Breeds they were bred for hunting vermin like rats.

Size and Appearance

Scotties are a small dog that stand 10-11 inches tall (25-28cm) and weigh around 20 pounds. Their coats are medium length, generally wavy (but sometimes straight) and are harsh. Their coats come in black wheaten or brindle (any colour)

They have a long head with a beard (actually I think it is more of a Goatee), small pointed ears and small eyes

Personality and Temperament

Terriers tend to be tough, independent and feisty. This rough and tumble little dog is no exception! They have a very alert and fearless nature about them and are always up for a challenge. With good socialization they can be good with other pets. But the squirrels in the backyard better watch out! This can be an issue if they are off leash in an unfenced area. It might take you some time to get your Scotty back under your control!

They tend to do their share of digging and barking. Overall they are okay with children, the older the child the better.

Due to their stubborn, headstrong nature they are more difficult to train than most breeds of dogs.

Overall, the Scottish Terrier is among Most Popular Dog Breeds. But this could be because people do not realize that this dog is so difficult to train and they only see the cute dog in the pet shop window or on an ad from a puppy mill. Many dogs that are difficult to train end up in shelters or rescues. So if you do want a Scotty and are prepared for the challenge, try adopting from a rescue or animal shelter.

Scotties live about 12 years

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