Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat breed, also known as the Highland Fold, is named for its unique ears. Their ears are folded in a manner that makes them look like an owl does. The fold is a forward bend in the ears that is permanent. They are a healthy cat that originated on a farm in Scotland.

The “Fold” is a medium sized breed of cat. They have a rounded, cobby look to them with wide shoulders and a broad chest. They have very large, rounded heads with a short broad nose. They have big cheeks and wide set, round eyes. Their large heads sit on thick and short necks.

They are generally a shorthaired cat breed that come in most colors (except chocolate and lilac). They should be brushed weekly


They are excellent hunters and feel a need to practice their skills. They adapt to most situations and prefer the company of people and are fine with children and other pets. They have an easy going nature.

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