Ragdoll Cat Breed

The Ragdoll Cat Breed is named for their nature to go limp like, well, a ragdoll!

As you might expect by this fact, they are quite mild in temperament and love to affectionately flop in their owner’s arms. Their quiet, docile nature makes them a fine pet with children. Children do need to be taught to respect and properly handle their pet though (this goes for any pet and any child). They are so easy going that they do not know how to defend themselves well.

They are a large, wide (stocky) breed of cat. They have large, triangular head with full cheeks and a rounded muzzle. Their legs are set wide apart on a broad chest. Their necks are short. Their ears are broad and rounded at the tips and they have large oval eyes that are normally blue.

They have longer, silky coats that require brushing a couple times each week. They have three patterns: mitted (meaning it looks like they have mittens); bicolor (mitted but also with dark tails, masked faces); and color point (dark extremities). And they tend to have four colors: seal; chocolate; blue and lilac. The mitted ragdoll is the most popular among many breeders.

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