Pug Dog Breed

The Pug Dog breed is one of many popular Toy dog breeds group. They were bred to be companions as early as 2500 years ago in the Far East. Over time they made their way to Holland and Britain through trade. They were most popular among Royalty.

They are popular companion dogs today because they are devoted to their owners and are happy and smart dogs. They are easily trained but do need consistency in training. They like activity and it should be encouraged to avoid weight gain. That said, a Pug doesn’t need a lot of exercise compared to other dogs. They won’t get overly hyper if you don’t have a chance to walk it every day.

They weigh in at 14-18 pounds (6-8kg) and stand 9-11 inches. They have short, glossy hair, triangular ears that lie flat, a small tail, bright eyes, a tiny snout on a round head. They don’t need a lot of grooming but should be brushed regularly and they folds in their face may need the occasional cleaning.

If you are interested in a pug please consider a pet adoption rescue service (give a deserving dog a second chance) or direct from a breeder.

The Pug Dog Breed is one of the most popular dog breeds