Pet Adoptions in California

Are you looking for resources for pet adoptions in California? There are a lot of great places to look and I have summarized some of them here to help you. One of my favourite places to look is always at an SPCA or Humane Society and I have listed some below.

California SPCA and Humane Societies are a Great Place to Start

If you are going to adopt a pet in California I suggest that you consider a local Humane Society or SPCA. The SPCA and Humane Societies do a lot of great work in the community and they do their best to save pets lives.

It has always upset me that pets get euthanized in animal shelters. I have come to realize though that this is a last resort and usually reserved for aggressive animals or very ill animals. I have decided to add my voice to those that call for having pets spayed or neutered to control overpopulation. I am also adding my voice to those that suggest considering adopting a pet instead of purchasing. These two actions reduce the pressure on shelters everywhere.

Every dog and cat that is adopted out is spayed or neutered first to help control the states animal population. This is because thousands of pets end up in these shelters every year. Often it is for reasons that are not serious – there are simply too many dogs and cats born each year.

These are some of the SPCA’s in California:

Central California SPCA
Address 103 S. Hughes Fresno CA 93706-1299
Shelter Phone 559 233 SPCA
Web SPCA of Central California

Passadena Humane Society & SPCA
361 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena 91105
Phone 626-792-7151
Web Passadena Humane Society

Los Angeles SPCA
5026 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone: (888) SPCA-LA1

San Mateo CA, Pensinsula Humane Society & SPCA
12 Airport Boulevard, San Mateo, CA 94401
Phone: 650-340-7022
Web San Mateo

East Bay SPCA – 5 locations including 3 in Oakland.
8323 Baldwin Street, Oakland, CA 94621
Phone: 510-569-0702
Web Oakland SPCA

Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin-Perkins Road, Sacramento, California 95828
Web Sacramento

San Francisco SPCA
2500-16th Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103-4213
Phone: (415) 554-3000
Web San Fran SPCA

North County Humane Society SPCA
2905 San Luis Rey Rd. Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone: 760-757-HELP (4357)
Web North County SPCA

Valley Oak SPCA in Visalia
29016 Highway 99, Visalia
Visalia SPCA

Silicone Valley SPCA
2530 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone 408-727-3383
Web Silicone Valley

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA
5500 Gaines Street, San Diego, CA 92110
Phone (619) 299-7012
Web San Diego

Humane Society and SPCA of Sonoma County
5345 Highway 12, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Phone (707) 542-0882
Web Sonoma County

Yolo County SPCA
P.O. Box 510, Davis, CA 95617
Phone: (530) 902-6264
Web Yolo SPCA

Orange County SPCA
P.O. Box 6507, Huntington Beach CA 92615
phone: 714 374-7738
Web Orange County SPCA

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Before you go, I want to share a link to a great site I recently discovered. It is made for dog lovers in Orange County, California. The site is and it has a lot of great information. If you are looking to adopt a dog in California please check out their rescue page about California Dog Rescues for a great list of rescues in California.

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