Pet Adoption in Maryland - Five Ways to Get a Pet in Maryland

Pet Adoption in Maryland is available from quite a number of sources. You can buy or adopt a Pet in Maryland from rescues, shelters, breeders and even at pet stores. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these options.

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Buy or Adopt a Pet in Maryland: The Advantages and Disadvantages

You can buy a pet from several sources including a breeder, a pet store or an individual selling their pet. Of the three choices I strongly encourage you to buy from a reputable breeder. Reputable Breeders are your best assurance that the pet you buy is well bred, healthy, and of a good disposition.

Unfortunately Pet Stores are focused on profit and therefore there may be occasions where they buy from the lowest cost source which could be a puppy or kitten mill. These Mills are notorious for poor care, neglect, over breeding and little regard to quality breeding practices. This is why more and more pet stores do not sell cats or dogs and offer adoption days in support of the local humane society instead. Please let me be clear that I am not painting all pet stores with the same brush or accusing them of intentionally buying from puppy mills. I am only saying that I prefer that you buy from a quality, reputable breeder than a pet store. To learn more about reputable breeders check out the Reputable Dog Breeders page.

The other option for buying is to find someone who is selling their pet. This carries a bit of risk if you do not know the seller. If you know the person selling you the pet you will have a better idea of the history of the pet.

You can adopt a pet in Maryland from a rescue or shelter. There are many rescues and shelters to choose from and there are many advantages to adoption over a purchase. When you adopt you are saving a pets life, and the advantages go well beyond just that. A rescue or shelter will usually be able to tell you about the temperament of the pet, its history, and recent veterinary care. This gives you some assurance that the pet you adopt is suitable for you. A final benefit is that the cost will be much lower than at a pet store or through a breeder.

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