Pet Adoption in Georgia

I strongly encourage Pet Adoption in Georgia. Adopting a pet in Georgia will save a life. It broke my heart reading the statistics of the number of dogs and cats euthanized each year in Georgia. According to, over 90,000 dogs and cats are killed every year in Atlanta area shelters alone. This is in spite of there being hundreds of pet rescues in the state.

If you adopt a pet from a shelter you will get one that is more mature. This means no sleepless nights through housebreaking and that it will have its initial veterinary care.

For a list of shelters in Georgia please visit SPOT – Stopping Pet Overpopulation Together. SPOT has a lot of information about adopting a pet and statistics on pet adoption. It is surprising to see the numbers of animals surrendered to shelters for reasons such as moving, getting bored because it grew up, or children losing interest in the pet

For a list of rescues in Georgia please visit SPOT’s list of Dog Rescue and Cat rescue Groups

Another place to consider is the Georgia SPCA. Their mission is "to reduce the number of healthy animals euthanized in Georgia by implementing successful adoption programs and aggressive spay/neuter programs and by promoting responsible pet ownership". Their website is Or you can visit them at 1175 Hwy 23 Suite 109, Suwanee, GA 30024

If you are looking for a pet in Atlanta, stop by the Atlanta Humane Society . They are located at 981 Howell Mill Road NW in Atlanta. OR check out their website – it features lots of great pets available for adoption. The website is

I hope you find and adopt a great pet in Georgia!

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