Persian Cat Breed

The Persian cat breed is one of the best known and popular breeds of cats. They have been considered a luxurious lap cat and were once very popular among the aristocracy in Europe.

This is a large, cobby build featuring short thick legs, a large round head, a short neck, short nose, small ears (almost buried in fur) and large eyes. Their faces are fairly flat in appearance because of the thick coat, short nose and rounded head. Their coats are long haired and very thick and the tail is plumed and very thick.

They come in many colors and patterns and are categorized in seven divisions including solid; silver (and golden); shaded; particolor; bicolor; tabby and Himalayan. Some people regard Himalayan as its own breed, but it is, in fact, a Persian


They have a calm nature and are very adaptable. They make good family pets for this reason. They are not as playful as other breeds and they are quiet in nature. They love to sit in a quiet spot like a chair or windowsill and become a part of the d├ęcor. They are easy going and not much disturbs them. All in all they make a great companion

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