The Papillon is another popular Toy dog breed. It means “butterfly” in French and looks like one because of its large butterfly-like ears. They are small and elegant in appearance with long silky coats and long fringed tails. They are very devoted to their human companions and serve as great lap dogs but also enjoy a physical challenge.

Despite their small size (They range in size from 8-11 inches tall (20-28cm) and 6-10 pounds (3-5kg)) they are known to be fantastic family pets as they get along well with children and other pets. They are outgoing, eager to please and just want to be around their owner.

Despite their small size they are remarkably hardy and thoroughly enjoy a good walk and other forms of exercise. They have been known to give a Border collie a challenge on the agility course because they are surprisingly fast and agile.

They are one of the most intelligent Toy Dog breeds and are easy to train. They are quick and eager learners and love to please – yet another reason they are well suited for the agility course. They likely require more exercise than the average toy. Like any dog they require socialization including early introductions to other dogs and regular human interaction. Once trained and socialized they are wonderful companions.

Their coat comes in many different colours (white, black and brown are the most common). The coat is long and silky but they shed little.

This is an old breed of dog that has been documented through art. Papillions are in paintings of royal families around Europe. They breed was popular in England, France, Spain and Belgium dating back many centuries. More recently, Christina Aguilera has made the breed popular with her two Papillion dogs.

In terms of care they are not terribly difficult. They are easy to bathe and brush, need their nails trimmed and ears cleaned on occasion, and do not shed much. Like all dogs they do need quality food and regular veterinary check ups to maintain optimal health and to achieve a full lifespan of 15 years.

A word of caution - they love to chase anything so it is important to keep yours on leash when out and about as they are not street smart.
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The Papillon is one of the most popular dog breeds