The Ocicat cat breed has the look of a wildcat. This is due to its randomly spotted, glossy coat. They are medium to large sized cat with a long, muscular body. They have a very sleek look. They tend to be a chestnut brown, cream, silver, golden or bronze colored with darker spots of a similar color. They are a shorthaired breed of cat requiring little grooming.

Their heads are a wedge shape featuring large, almond shaped eyes and large, wide ears that are curved at the tips. The wedge is rounded at the bottom thanks to a prominent chin and broad muzzle.

This breed originated from the interbreeding of Abyssian, Siamese and American Shorthair breeds.


This is a very active, social and talkative breed of cat. They follow their owners around like a dog does and they love to play. They do well with children and have a very high energy level. They do not like to be left alone for long periods so a companion cat is a good idea

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