Norwegian Forest Cat

As their name might imply, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a rugged and hardy cat. They are highly intelligent and love challenges and learning new skills.

This is a large, solid and muscular breed of cat. They have very thick, waterproof coats with a wooly undercoat. They have long bodies, a wide chest, and sturdy long legs. Their heads are wedge shaped with thick cheeks and a big chin. Their ears sit high on the head and are tall and pointed. They have very noticeable whiskers and large, almond shaped eyes. All in all they have a very sweet look to them

Their coats may come in all colors and patters (except pointed colorings). In the winter they tend to develop a thick rug around the neck that is quite prominent. Because of their thick fur and bushy tail they do require a weekly brushing.


The Norwegian cat is extremely active and intelligent. They are rough and tough when necessary and make a great farm cat. This is because of their great hunting skills. They are good with children and love being a part of a busy household. They are a very popular household pet in many homes.

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